Configuration Wizard

Sensate Hardware Configuration Wizard


Use this tool to configure your individual project electronics optimally for your application. The wizard guides you through all relevant steps.

  1. Bridge type (currently all ESP8266 variants such as NodeMCU, WeMos D1 Mini, ESP-12 and many others are supported)
  2. Operating mode (should the bridge be operated on mains voltage or with a battery in low power mode)
  3. Display (if you want to use a display, you can configure the correct type, display and connection here)
  4. Port extensions (if your bridge does not have enough ports for your use case)
  5. Sensors (Which data do you want to display, which data do you want to record? Temperature, humidity, light, air pressure and many more soon)
  6. Coming soon: Actuators
  7. Coming soon: Rules (push notifications, switching rules, etc.)
  8. Sharing (Is the configuration only for you, or do you want to share it with others?)
  9. If you have any problems please use the Sensatio Community.
Sensate Configurator

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