Easy MQTT connection of your sensors

With Sensate it is now possible to store the data of your sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity etc. from sensors like the DHT-11, BME-280, DS18B20 etc.) in addition to the Sensate Cloud also on your personal MQTT Broker. This allows you to integrate your sensor data into your personal smart home hub (e.g. Home Assistant, OpenHAB, ioBroker etc.). Sensate supports the Auto Discovery format developed by “Home Assistant“, with which your sensors are automatically recognized and preconfigured by many software solutions.

In the following the setup of the MQTT Broker in Home Assistant is described. If you already have an MQTT broker, or use another smart home hub, you can skip these steps and go directly to “Activate MQTT on your bridge“.

Enable MQTT Broker in Home Assistant

First the MQTT Broker (Mosquitto) must be installed and configured as an add-on. If there is already a MQTT Broker to be used this step can be skipped.

How to set up the Mosquitto MQTT Broker in Home Assistant

Then the MQTT integration has to be activated and connected to the MQTT Broker. Here the automatic configuration is shown, alternatively it can be set up manually. If you want to see the sensors automatically in Home Assistant, “Activate search” must be activated.

How to configure Home Assistant MQTT Integration

Activate MQTT on your Bridge

To enable MQTT for your bridge(s) you must be on the same network as the bridge. Then select the appropriate Bridge in the menu “Hardware Setup” and choose the option “Share data via MQTT” (Note: MQTT is a premium feature of Sensate and must be activated separately with a one-time purchase).

Afterwards you have to enter the access data of your MQTT broker. In many MQTT brokers (e.g. also in the popular Mosquitto) the anonymous write access is deactivated by default, so don’t forget to assign appropriate rights/access data before.

Your sensor data in your Smart Home Hub

Thanks to Autodiscovery, your sensors should be visible as an entity in your smart home hub a little later:

MQTT data in Home Assistant

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