Sensatio Grill
The Do It Yourself (DIY) grill thermometer

Sensatio Grill is your smart barbecue assistant

Build your own smart grill sensor in no time – controllable via app and cheaper than many alternatives. The digital thermometer is precise, flexible, smart and helps you to achieve the optimum BBQ result. The data is transferred to your smartphone via WiFi, giving you a much longer range than the usual Bluetooth or wireless transmission.

Use your existing grill sensors or integrate new ones that have been optimized for your application. With the help of our app, you can set them up and use them easily without ever having to program them yourself.

Sounds complicated? It’s not! To get started with Sensatio Grill, we offer easy to understand tutorials that will allow you to build your own smart barbecue thermometer. And for those who really want to know: In addition to the ESP8266 microcontroller, other chips such as the ESP32 and also some Arduino boards will be supported soon. More exciting functions such as the low power battery mode with super long battery life are currently under development.

Sensatio Grill will be available soon – we will be happy to inform you as soon as it is released.
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Sensatio Grill - Do It Yourself Grillthermometer - Fully digitally via WLAN & App. Better than classic wireless.

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