Export, share and integrate sensor data into other applications

Sensate gives you easy access to your sensor data. From now on, you can not only view the data in Sensate apps, you can also easily export or integrate it into other applications! Here you can find out how to do this.

After you have configured your bridge (e.g. ESP8266, ESP-12, NodeMCU etc.) and already see sensor data in your Sensate App, you can do the following with the data:

Export sensor data

Do you want to analyze your data more precisely, generate your own statistics or simply store them locally? Since version 1.4.7, the Sensate Apps have a new menu item “Share and Export”. After selecting this menu item, you can choose the function “Export data”.

After you have selected the sensors, click “Next” to go to the Sensate export website in your browser. There you can define the desired period and then download the export file in Microsoft Excel *.xlsx format (Office Open XML). In case you have installed a suitable app, you can open the file directly – otherwise you have to forward it e.g. by email to a suitable device.

Integrate live sensor data into other applications

Do you want to integrate your sensor data into other applications or into your own website? Since version 1.4.7, the public API of Sensate is accessible for all users. Via the apps you can generate access codes (with your secret key), and of course you can revoke them if necessary. With those access codes, you can get the latest sensor data for the selected sensors from the API. You can use them to create your own applications/integration plugins, but of course we will also publish new simple possibilities here on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about using the API or want to show us your integration, please use our Community Forum. Other public interfaces such as an interface for historical data will follow.

ioBroker Integration

The integration for the popular software ioBroker is the first plugin we have provided – more will follow! Since the plugin is not yet directly integrated into ioBroker, you have to install it manually. To do so, select the function “Installation from own URL” in the adapter list and enter the address of our plugin. The adapter will then be installed automatically. In the app, you can now generate access data (access token and key) and configure the adapter with this data. Now you should already see the sensor data in your object list. If you have questions about the plugin, please use our Community Forum.

Embed sensor data into your website

From now on, you can also use Sensate’s practical sharing function to make your data accessible via the Internet by integrating it directly into your website. We have written a short tutorial, which shows you how fast and easy it is.

Connect with other products

Do you want other products of yours to respond to sensor data from Sensate? With Sensate’s IFTTT integration, you can easily connect your projects with other products. For example, if a sensor falls below a threshold value, it will automatically switch on a light or send an email, SMS or Whatsapp message.

Do you want to know more? Here we explain how to connect your electronics projects to IFTTT.

Since recently you can also use MQTT to integrate your sensor data in your own Smart Home Hub (e.g. Home Assistant, OpenHAB or ioBroker).

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