Build your individual project with the Sensatio platform

Realize your sensoric project

Whether you are inspired by one of our tutorials or you think of your own solution – the Sensatio platform can help you to realize your project. Build your own weather station, barbecue thermometer and much more!

Due to the variety of possibilities, you can choose from all kinds of components available on the electronics market and thus optimally record the measurement parameters relevant to you.

Use our community to exchange ideas with like-minded people or tell us if you have exciting ideas for further product development. As Sensatio wants to grow with the needs of its users, we are looking forward to your input.

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Our solid infrastructure

The function of your project is made possible with the help of our cloud infrastructure. To ensure reliable operation, the electronics – specifically the Sensatio firmware on the microcontroller – reports the current sensor status to our infrastructure.

Modern technologies enable us to treat your data absolutely anonymous – anonymous in a way that you don’t even have to register to run your project.

Both your smartphone and the hardware generate random keys that they exchange over the local network during the setup process. Later they can communicate with each other using these keys.

Best-in-class mobile apps

Our mobile applications serve as output and configuration tools for your needs.

Therefore we offer Sensatio Monitor, an application with the focus on maximum flexibility, and other applications such as Sensatio Grill (smart grill assistant) and Sensatio Terra (smart solution to monitor your habitats) that offer interfaces optimized to the special use case and domain.

At Sensatio, all applications are developed natively for iOS and Android, and therefore offer the best possible usability, performance and customer experience.

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